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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Old farmer and His Son!!

An old farmer wrote to his son in prison.

"This year I wont be able to plant potatoes because I can't dig the ground. I know if you were here you would help me"

The son wrote back:

"Dad don't think of digging the ground because thats where I buried the guns"

But Police read the letter and the very next day, the whole field of the farm of his father was dug by  police looking for guns but nothing was found.

The next day son wrote again:
"Now Dad, plant your potatoes, thats the best I can do from here"

The farmer and his son were poor. The son was a dreamer and went to the city. The son wanted to help his father but fell to temptation and became part of a mafia or syndicate. Eventually he was caught and put to jail. The police monitored all communications so that they can gather informations. The son got a letter from his father. The son felt guilty about the condition of his father and the farm. It was already planting time the son cooked up an idea of letting the police dig the entire farm by giving them a false information about the guns. It was a joke for the police but its a very big help to his father and to the farm.

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