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Friday, May 3, 2013

KALAJA KARST AREA (Kalaja Cave/Malakong Wall) Brgy. Conel, General Santos City, Philippines

Discover Amazing Nature!

General Santos City Tours- Trip to nature

Are you planning of spending an excursion to General Santos City? Then these are the places that you should know for you to enjoy having a tour at General Santos City or locally known as GenSan. This city The city is one of the islands of Mindanao and is mainly located within the province of South Cotabato.

Today, General Santos doesn't only have man made attractions but as well famed by having people concern about taking care and preserving it's natural beauty among the sectors of fishing and agriculture which makes GenSan one of the hottest tourist spot in the island of Mindanao.

If your're wondering where to take a tour at Gensan, you may take these places as one of your tour list and see nature's bounty, having scenic spots in the midst of this mid- sized city.

1. Kalaja Karsts Island
Have you heard about the frying pot island located in GenSan? Well, it all refers to the Kalaja Karst Island. Believed as hundred years old karts formation, Kalaja Karsts Island has been one of the top list of Gensan's tourist destination. Having it's wonderful nature campgrounds, waterfalls and caves, sightseeing is truly the best things to do. Kalaja karsts Island is one of the prestigious myriad tourist spots located in General Santos City.

The area is about 15 kilometers from General Santos City’s northeast side at Barangay Conel. The name Kalaha Karsts Area is derived from the word Kalaha, which means frying pot due to the formation of the karsts made millions of years ago. Waterfalls and caves are abundant in this area.

Tourists can explore the Kalaja Cave in General Santos City. The cave has a pool inside that is about three meters deep and 22 meters wide.

Bunga Spring is found in the center of the Kalaha Karsts Area in General Santos City. The place has a campsite for tourists and stargazing is a great night activity. 

Ranked high on the most visited General Santos destinations is the Kalaja Karst Area found in Barangay Conel. The General Santos destination is a national reserve that is good for anyone who knows how to appreciate nature. One does not have to be a nature lover to be able to enjoy the Kalaja Karst Area because once here, one will realize that nature is something that’s truly wonderful and should be preserved. Aside from picnics and camping, a tour guide awaits at the Kalaja Karst Area to bring one to the Kalaja Cave and the different waterfalls in the area. This General Santos destination is a one stop for those who want to go on a picnic, swim, go trekking or camping. Because of the many options offered by the Kalaja Karst Area, one will definitely not get bored and the rugged environment is something that is very laid back. Even children can enjoy this tourist destination and it’s a good idea to bring them to Kalaja Karst Area so that they learn to appreciate nature at an early age and feel the need to preserve and protect it as they get older.

Another tourist destination in General Santos City is the Malakong Gorge just about three-and-a-half kilometers away from Kalaja Cave. This is an excellent place for boulder and rock climbing for novices and beginners. Camping for tourists are also allowed.

Just a 30-minute drive from the Kalaha Karsts Area is the Nopol Hills. It is General Santos City’s highest camping ground and gives a good panoramic view of Sarangani Bay and the neighboring towns. Hiking in Nopol Hills in the afternoon will give you a good view of the sunset at the bay.

2. Lake Adventures
The scenery of Lake Sebu is truly impressive thing that remarks beauty for the fact that the place defines a serene atmosphere and a lake that holds several kinds of cultured fishes that can be catched at hand. The mystic clearness of the water conceals a lot of stories that is impart of the place. Having it's tranquill and peaceful place, many believed that Lake Sebu is a miraculous place that serves as a means of nourishment and a body of water that continuous to flow for the local T'boli tribes. The lake is truly a natural preserve that serves as a sanctuary for some exotic animals and plants.

3. Mountain trekking
Nature lovers and campers is undeniably one of the numerous ones that loves to try outdoor activities especially along mountains and hills. In General Santos City, Mount Matutum is one of the hotspot for tourists and travelers. Regarded as one of the highest mountains in Mindanao Mount Matutum attracts a great pool of tourists which give fun, exitement, thrill with complex mountain formations that surely surely gives a challenge to anyone; healthy excursion as well that energize body and mind having 7,600 feet height of the mountain. It also gives a rewarding moment as you get through the mountain's peak, having vast mountain ranges and the spectacular sight of the skies that will surely pay off your tired body.

4. Dive through the Kamanga Reef
Have you been mesmerized seeing breathtaking sights of underwater in Kamanga Reef? Then why let yourself miss it's beauty. Seeing the wonders of the sea are the best place to appreciate natures bounty having awesome coral reefs, bunch of different kinds of fishes that you may snorkel out of the blues. Getting a trip to the Kamanga Reef is truly a wonderful nature experience.

5. Trip to Nopol Hills
Enlisting nature excursions are nice things to do while in General Santos City. To be specific, the Nopol Hills. The place is one of the most outgoing and highest grounds in GenSan. Some of the outstanding activities to spend in Nopol Hills are mountain hiking and watching the sunset that you may do while you're with your friends, family, business partners and associates.

KALAJA KARST AREA (Kalaja Cave/Malakong Wall) 
Location : Conel,General Santos City. Just 15 km ride or P15.00 fare, you'll be at Kalaja Karst Area, just a km hike and you'll be at the cave, add another 2 km and you'll reach Malakong Wall. (JOP : est. 14km from the city proper) 

Description : The area is surrounded with limestone's cliffs. It has Kalaja river which irrigates the low land farm area of the city. During dry season, the river main source of water comes from a subterranean river named Kalaja Cave (a 207m cave that offers 20m of swimming and a smooth walk in knee to waist deep running water). The area has an established rock climbing route at Malakong Wall. The Wall offers beginners and Novice route to would be rock climbers. It also has many of unexplored routes waiting to be climbed. The place has also many tunnels left by the retreating Japanese forces during the WWII.

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