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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yuchengco Museum, Makati, Philippines

The Yuchengco Museum was created to house the art collection of Secretary Alfonso T. Yuchengco. It was opened to the public in September 2005 and its primary goal is to foster a grater appreciation of the public of the finest Filipino and Filipino-Chinese visual arts and creativity. The musum is located in Makati at the RCBC building owned by the Yuchengco clan.

The Gallery of the museum highlights the works of the most celebrated Filipino artists such as Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, and Carlos Francisco. Aside from that, the museum now holds as their permanent collection consists of the works of Filipino Modernist such as Anita Magsaysay Ho and by National Artists such as Victorio Edades, Ang Kiukok, Napoleon Abueva, Vicente Manansala, Cesar Legaspi, and Jose Joya. There were also number of works in the folk genre by Norma Belleza, Angelito Antonio and Manuel Baldemor. Prints by Manuel Rodriguez Sr. and Boy rodriguez.

Sino-Filipino Expressions
This gallery is a series that brings out the excellent artistic and creative expressions of the Chinese Filipinos. It also looks at the best attributes of the twin-heritage: Chinese's hardworking skills and craftsmanship and the Filipinos' highly expressive and adaptive sensibility. With the exhibit is the workshop in Chinese traditional painting on Shui-Mo or "ink and water" that is conducted regularly.

Bridging Cultures
As an exhibition venue, the museum stands as a cultural bridge to the regional Asian and Pacific Rim communities.
Design as Art, Art as Design
This is a theme that stresses that a design must express its utility in such a way that the aesthetic debate whether form precedes function or the other way around is non existent.

The museum also holds Educational and extension programs that link various sectors and audience to promote better understanding of art and heritage, collections and creative industries.
Young Curators Program (with the University of the Philippines, Manila)
Art workshops on Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy
Volunteer and internship programs

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